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With the development of the web, large numbers of documents are available on the Internet. Digital libraries, news sources and inner data of companies surge more and more. Automatic text categorization becomes more and more important for dealing with massive data. However the major problem of text categorization is the high dimensionality of the feature(More)
Measuring Inconsistency in ontologies is an important topic in ontology engineering as it can provide extra information for dealing with inconsistency. Many approaches have been proposed to deal with this issue. However, the main drawback of these algorithms is their high computational complexity. One of the main sources of the high complexity is the(More)
Consistent query answering over description logic-based ontologies is an important topic in ontol-ogy engineering as it can provide meaningful answers to queries posed over inconsistent ontologies. Current approaches for dealing with this problem usually consist of two steps: the first step is extracting some consistent sub-ontologies of an inconsistent(More)
Text Mining is the discovery of valuable, yet hidden, information from the text document. Text classification (Also called Text Categorization) is one of the important research issues in the field of text mining. With the dramatic increase in the amount of content available in digital forms gives rise to a problem to manage this online textual data. As a(More)