Youko Yano

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The effects of 20 days horizontal bed rest (BR) on postural reflex were studied by measuring fluctuation of center of gravity in the body during two legs or one leg upright standing in 10 young volunteers. The fluctuation was decided as total moving distance of the center recorded during 60sec standing on a force plate. The stability was measured by the(More)
Gender differences in the effect of 20 days bed rest (BR) on muscle strength were evaluated in voluntary 11 male and 7 female students. Maximum Isometric Voluntary Contractions (MVC) of 4 right arm muscles (RAM), 5 right leg muscles (RLM), and 2 body trunk muscles were measured with an isometric dynamometer, respectively. Muscle masses (MM) of right arm and(More)
We report on an extremely rare case of a giant solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) of the mesentery in a 65-year-old male who was admitted to our hospital because of lower abdominal pain and abdominal fullness. Computed tomography demonstrated a well-defined solid mass of 25 × 11 cm located in the lower abdomen, which was completely resected during surgery.(More)
Investigating the effect of 20 days bed rest (BR) on kinesthesia and two-point discrimination, 10 young volunteers participated in this study as subjects. Angle position sensation of right knee was measured in the prone position during flexion and extension monitored by a goniometer after two-point discrimination in skin was determined on the same lower(More)
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