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Today's Multi-player Online Games (MOGs) are challenged by infrastructure requirements, because of their server-centric nature. Peer-to-peer networks are an interesting alternative, if they can implement the set of functions that are traditionally performed by centralized authoritative servers. In this paper, we propose a <i>zoned federation model</i> to(More)
SUMMARY Hash-based IP traceback is a technique to generate audit trails for traffic within a network. Using the audit trails, it reconstructs not only the true attack paths of a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS attack), but also the true path of a single packet attack. However, hash-based IP trace-back cannot identify attacker nodes themselves(More)
Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks target web sites with Cookie-based session management, resulting in the leakage of privacy information. Although several server-side countermeasures for XSS attacks do exist, such techniques have not been applied in a universal manner, because of their deployment overhead and the poor understanding of XSS problems. This(More)
Widespread deployment of the Internet enabled building of an emerging IT delivery model, i.e., cloud computing. Albeit cloud computing-based services have rapidly developed, their security aspects are still at the initial stage of development. In order to preserve cybersecurity in cloud computing, cybersecurity information that will be exchanged within it(More)
Keywords: SVM aggregating intelligence Personalized transductive learning SVM classification tree Transductive SVMT a b s t r a c t Personalized transductive learning (PTL) builds a unique local model for classification of individual test samples and is therefore practically neighborhood dependant; i.e. a specific model is built in a subspace spanned by a(More)
The cybersecurity information exchange framework, known as CYBEX, is currently undergoing its first iteration of standardization efforts within ITU-T. The framework describes how cybersecurity information is exchanged between cybersecurity entities on a global scale and how the exchange is assured. The worldwide implementation of the framework will(More)
—Switching a communication path from one Access Point (AP) to another in inter-domain WLANs is a critical challenge for delay-sensitive applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) because communication quality during handoff (HO) is more likely to be deteriorated. To maintain VoIP quality during HO, we need to solve many problems. In particular, in(More)