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Keywords: SVM aggregating intelligence Personalized transductive learning SVM classification tree Transductive SVMT a b s t r a c t Personalized transductive learning (PTL) builds a unique local model for classification of individual test samples and is therefore practically neighborhood dependant; i.e. a specific model is built in a subspace spanned by a(More)
Today's Multi-player Online Games (MOGs) are challenged by infrastructure requirements, because of their server-centric nature. Peer-to-peer networks are an interesting alternative, if they can implement the set of functions that are traditionally performed by centralized authoritative servers. In this paper, we propose a <i>zoned federation model</i> to(More)
Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks target Web sites with cookie-based session management, resulting in the leakage of privacy information. Although several server-side countermeasures for XSS attacks do exist, such techniques have not been applied in a universal manner, because of their deployment overhead and the poor understanding of XSS problems. This(More)
Widespread deployment of the Internet enabled building of an emerging IT delivery model, i.e., cloud computing. Albeit cloud computing-based services have rapidly developed, their security aspects are still at the initial stage of development. In order to preserve cybersecurity in cloud computing, cybersecurity information that will be exchanged within it(More)
— The current Internet is being constructed from various kinds of wired and wireless access networks, and mobile hosts can connect to the Internet at any time and anywhere. In such an environment, mobile hosts need new technologies without closing connection or degrading the goodput during roaming these different networks. To overcome this, we propose an(More)
The mobile Internet is built upon a number of different wireless access networks with widely varying features in terms of coverage area, bandwidth, packet loss, and delay. To move across these different networks smoothly, issues associated with the changing features need to be addressed. In this paper, a path selection method for the coverage overlap area(More)
In this paper, we propose three metrics for detecting botnets through analyzing their behavior. Our social infrastructure (i.e., the Internet) is currently experiencing the danger of bots' malicious activities as the scale of botnets increases. Although it is imperative to detect botnet to help protect computers from attacks, effective metrics for botnet(More)
In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving variant of Bloom-filters. The Bloom-filter has many applications such as hash-based IP-traceback systems and Web cache sharing. In some of those applications, equipping the Bloom-filter with the privacy-preserving mechanism is crucial for the deployment. In this paper, we propose a cryptographically secure(More)