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" Robust motion/force control of mechanical systems with classical nonholonomic constraints, " IEEE Trans. Control of mechanical systems with rolling constraints: Application to dynamic control of mobile robots, " Int. Abstract—This paper first describes the problem of goals nonreachable with obstacles nearby when using potential field methods for mobile(More)
The potential eld method is widely used for autonomous mobile robot path planning due to its elegant mathematical analysis and simplicity. However, most researches were focused on solving the motion planning problem in a stationary environment, where both targets and obstacles are stationary. This paper proposes a new potential eld method for motion(More)
—The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been widely used in land vehicle navigation applications. However, the positioning systems based on GPS alone face great problems in the so-called urban canyon environments, where the GPS signals are often blocked by highrise buildings and there are not enough available satellite signals to estimate the positioning(More)
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