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PURPOSE The increasing incidence of thyroid cancer worldwide has drawn attention to the needs for assessing and managing health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of thyroid cancer survivors. We conducted this study to validate the Korean version of the thyroid cancer-specific quality of life (THYCA-QoL) questionnaire. METHODS Data obtained from 227 thyroid(More)
AIM To test whether the use of collagen matrix seal (CMS) results in similar hard and soft tissue remodelling to that with collagen sponge (CS) used as barriers 4 months following alveolar ridge preservation (ARP), in combination with freeze-dried bone allograft (FDBA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-eight patients were randomly assigned to the two groups.(More)
Multiple-use dental bib clips are considered to present relatively low risks for transmitting infections and, thus, are thought to only require disinfection between patient visits. This study was designed to: 1) determine the presence and composition of bacterial contaminants on reusable rubber-faced metal bib clips after dental treatment at the hygiene(More)
Rice ( Oryza sativa L.): Seed–Size Comparison and Cultivation in Ancient Korea. The measurements of carbonized rice kernels from seventeen archaeological sites across Korea were compared to show a diachronic kernel-size change over the period of ca. 1500 BCE-600 CE. The assemblages that predated ca. 1 BCE consisted of short and narrow grains whereas those(More)
Any strenuous muscular exercise may trigger rhabdomyolysis. We report an episode of clinically manifested exertional rhabdomyolysis due to stationary cycling, commonly known as spinning. Reports of spinning-related rhabdomyolysis are rare in the English literature, and the current case appears to be the first such case reported in South Korea. A previously(More)
Recession on the lingual aspect of mandibular incisors may occur in patients with history of tongue piercing and other factitious traumatic habits. Treatment of these areas is challenging due to the site-specific anatomical features of the region. This case report presents a novel approach for a specific type of mandibular lingual defect caused by tongue(More)
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