Youjian Song

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We demonstrate sub-100-as timing jitter optical pulse trains generated from free-running, 77.6 MHz repetition-rate, mode-locked Er-fiber lasers. At -0.002(±0.001) ps2 net cavity dispersion, the rms timing jitter is 70 as (224 as) integrated from 10 kHz (1 kHz) to 38.8 MHz offset frequency, when measured by a 24 as resolution balanced optical cross(More)
We demonstrate ultra-low timing jitter optical pulse trains from free-running, 80 MHz repetition rate, mode-locked Yb-fiber lasers. Timing jitter of various mode-locking conditions at close-to-zero intracavity dispersion (-0.004 to +0.002 ps(2) range at 1040 nm center wavelength) is characterized using a sub-20-attosecond-resolution balanced optical(More)
We investigate the high-frequency timing jitter spectral density of mode-locked fiber lasers in different mode-locked regimes. Quantum-noise-limited timing jitter spectra of mode-locked-regime-switchable Yb fiber lasers are measured up to the Nyquist frequency with sub-100-as resolution. The integrated rms timing jitter of soliton, stretched-pulse, and(More)
The cross correlation between a pair of femtosecond lasers with slightly different repetition rates enables high precision, high update rate time-of-flight (TOF) distance measurements against multiple targets. Here, we investigate the obtainable ranging precision set by the timing jitter from femtosecond lasers. An analytical model governing dual(More)
We characterize and analyze the timing jitter of normal-dispersion mode-locked Er-fiber lasers with intra-cavity filtering. The timing jitter of Er-fiber lasers with 9-nm bandpass filters operating at + 0.0084 ps(2) is measured to be 3.46 fs (rms) when integrated from 10 kHz to 10 MHz offset frequency, which is similar to the jitter level of typical(More)
We characterize the timing jitter of a picosecond all-polarization-maintaining (all-PM) Yb-fiber laser using the optical cross-correlation method. For the 10 MHz all-normal dispersion mode-locked laser with ~0.5 nm spectral bandwidth, the measured high-frequency jitter is as low as 5.9 fs (RMS) when integrated from 10 kHz to the Nyquist frequency of 5 MHz.(More)
We report on the highly efficient generation of widely tunable femtosecond pulses based on intracavity second harmonic generation (SHG) and sum frequency generation (SFG) in a MgO-doped periodically poled LiNbO(3) optical parametric oscillator (OPO), which is pumped by a Yb-doped large-mode-area photonics crystal fiber femtosecond laser. Red and near(More)
Fiber lasers mode-locked with normal cavity dispersion have recently attracted great attention due to large output pulse energy and femtosecond pulse duration. Here we accurately characterized the timing jitter of normal-dispersion fiber lasers using a balanced cross-correlation method. The timing jitter characterization experiments show that the timing(More)
We demonstrate a simple scheme for high-power low-noise high-contrast ultrashort pulse generation. It is enabled by the spectral and temporal breathing self-similar pulse evolution with an optimized negative pre-chirp. Experiments and simulations indicate the enhanced tolerances of this scheme to the gain-shaping distortions and pump fluctuations. It can(More)