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—Heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs) with embedded small cells are considered, where multiple mobile users wish to download network content of different popularity. By caching data into the small-cell base stations, we will design distributed caching optimization algorithms via belief propagation (BP) for minimizing the downloading latency. First, we(More)
—Evidence indicates that downloading on-demand videos accounts for a dramatic increase in data traffic over cellular networks. Caching popular videos in the storage of small-cell base stations (SBS), namely, small-cell caching, is an efficient technology for reducing the transmission latency whilst mitigating the redundant transmissions of popular videos(More)
Inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) and resource allocation problems are fundamental challenges for the design of wireless networks. In this paper, we propose a distributed network inter-cell control scheme, and introduce a Belief Propagation (BP) framework to solve the optimization problem. The goal is to maximize the sum rate of those Base(More)