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We propose a scalable architecture for shared virtual environments, named SpaceFusion, which is designed to provide practical, large-scale w-vices on the Internet. Here, the world is divided into smaller chunks, called regions, and a region plays a centrat role to obtain scalability and to realize the notion of Fusion. SpaceFuswn clients can get information(More)
The focus of this study is customer behavior during the process of booking a hotel through online travel agencies (OTAs). We developed a stochastic programming model to design the optimal sequence of hotels that enables customers to find hotels at the minimum search cost and maximum utility gained from hotels. The number of available hotels in the sequence(More)
In education sector, teaching style has been adapted to the online content platform. Student do not have to travel a long distance to attend classes. Moreover, MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and flipped learning become high potential tools to support student learning process. These e-learning tools have been designed for education leading countries(More)
Public libraries all over the world are transforming themselves into more community centered for building community. In this paper, first of all, we describe the transformation of public libraries into multipurpose community learning centers (MCLCs). Secondly, we design a value co-creation process model at MCLCs. Thirdly, we examine the co-created values at(More)
This paper explores a simple idea and asks a simple question: What determines the speed limit of evolutionary processes, and might there be ways to speed up those processes for certain types of systems under certain conditions? Or even more simply, how rapidly can complex systems be rebuilt? To begin with, the universe can be viewed as an evolving ecology(More)