Youichiro Takasaka

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The kinetics of oxidation of elemental sulfur by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans in a batch reactor was followed by measuring the concentration of adsorbed cells on the sulfur surface, the concentration of free cells in liquid medium, and the amount of sulfur oxidized. As the elemental sulfur was oxidized to sulfate, the liquid-phase concentration of free cells(More)
Expectancy-related and nonexpectancy-related cerebral potentials associated with stimuli and omitted stimuli were recorded in 7 normal subjects. The stimuli were constantly delivered to the right median nerve and the interstimulus interval was set at 7 seconds. When the subject counted to estimate the interstimulus interval correctly, a slow negative(More)
Various walk supporting systems have been devised and developed. However, they have not been designed for supporting or evaluating the gait of parkinsonian patients, and not much consideration has been given to gait disturbances of parkinsonian patients. In this study: (a) We prepared a tentative model of walk supporting and monitoring system in(More)
Bromisoval has been used as a hypnotic for the past several decades, and its abuse was known to cause various neurological as well as psychiatric symptoms. Three patients showed a variety of symptoms which could not be explained neuroanatomically: nystagmus, gait disturbance and hyperreflexia of the limbs in all the cases, dysarthria, double vision,(More)
Measures concerning the P2 component of movement-related cerebral potentials (MPs) (the time from the trigger produced by key-tapping to the onset of P2: T-N latency, the width of P2: N-P interval, and the amplitude of P2: N-P amplitude) and various clinical factors of 36 schizophrenics were studied and statistically compared with those of 35 normal(More)
Coherence and cross-phase-spectral analysis of EEG were applied to photo-sensitive subjects to investigate the mechanism of the generalization of photo-induced paroxysms. Coherence values were high between frontal (F) and central (C) in resting records and between F-C in EEGs revealing harmonic responses, where the coherence values of F-O (occipital) were(More)
Relationship of antiepileptics to serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP), serum calcium (Ca) and inorganic phosphate (P) were studied in 172 epileptic patients treated with antiepileptics for clarifying the related factors to produce osteomalacia following antiepileptics administration. Laboratory findings of ALP, Ca, and P were compared with normal value and(More)
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