Youichi Oyama

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The title complex cation, [Sb(tbpc)(OH)(2)](+) (where tbpc denotes tetra(tert-butyl)phthalocyaninate, C(48)H(48)N(8)(2-)), has been prepared by oxidizing [Sb(tbpc)]I(3) with tert-butyl perbenzoate in CH(2)Cl(2), CHCl(3), o-dichlorobenzene and also without solvent in the range of 20-80 degrees C. This species has been isolated as I(3)(-) salt and(More)
Immobilized enzymes were used as column reactors in a high-performance liquid chromatographic system for the specific detection of N-acetyl branched-chain amino acids (AcBCAs) such as N- acetyl- l -valine (AcVal), N- acetyl- l -leucine (AcLeu) and N- acetyl- l -isoleucine (AcIle). Aminoacylase and leucine dehydrogenase were immobilized onto poly(vinyl(More)
Three amphiphilic antimony(V)-phthalocyanines have been synthesized by treating [Sb(R(4)Pc)(OH)(2)](+) salts in concentrated H(2)SO(4) and isolated as zwitter ions, [Sb(R(4)Pc)(SO(4)H)(SO(4))], where R(4)Pc denotes tetra-substituted phthalocyaninate; R(4)Pc=pc (R=H), tbpc (R=(t)Bu), and tObpc (R=O(n)Bu). Their solubility (R=tbpc>pc >>tObpc in H(2)O (much(More)
A simple and selective method is presented for the determination of aliphatic amino acids such as L-alanine, L-valine, L-isoleucine and L-leucine in serum using HPLC with detection by co-immobilized alanine dehydrogenase/leucine dehydrogenase post-column reactor and fluorimeter. The enzymes were simultaneously immobilized on chitosan beads. The separation(More)
A liquid chromatographic system with a co-immobilized leucine dehydrogenase-NADH oxidase reactor is described for the determination of branched-chain amino acids such as I-leucine, I-isoleucine and I-valine. The enzymes were simultaneously immobilized on tresylate-containing poly(vinyl alcohol) beads. The separation was achieved by means of an ODS column(More)
The B-A transition caused by high ethanol concentrations has been studied by the multi-dimensional spectrophotometer equipped with the computer-controlled microbullet. When ethanol concentration is increased, the CD signal at 270 nm of linearized ColEl DNA exhibits a biphasic transition; the first broad one and the second sharp one. The B-A transition of(More)
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