Youichi Nakazato

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We present a 20-month-old boy with a rapid growing occipital mass after head trauma, that was pathologically diagnosed as cranial fasciitis. Cranial fasciitis, first described as a specific entity by Lauer and Enzinger in 1980, is a benign fibroblastic lesion occurring in children that resembles nodular fasciitis pathologically. Nodular fasciitis also shows(More)
A 38-year-old man developed prominent hypoproteinemia after acute elevation of serum transaminase levels. Giant hypertrophy of the gastric mucosa, a short serum albumin half-life, and the absence of massive hepatocyte necrosis established the diagnosis of protein-losing gastropathy. The hypoproteinemia, gastric fold hypertrophy and hepatitis remitted(More)
Pineal parenchymal tumor (PPT) cells usually show immunoreactivity for synaptophysin, neuron-specific enolase, neurofilament protein, class III beta-tubulin, tau protein, PGP9.5, chromogranin, serotonin, retinal S-antigen, and rhodopsin, but these markers are not specific for PPTs. Melatonin is produced and secreted mainly bypineal parenchymal cells;(More)
PURPOSE To assess outcomes of carbon ion radiotherapy for diffuse astrocytomas in adults. METHODS AND MATERIALS Between October 1994 and February 2002, 14 patients with diffuse astrocytoma, identified as eligible for carbon ion radiotherapy, were enrolled in a phase I/II clinical trial. Carbon ion radiotherapy was administered in 24 fractions over 6(More)
Myofibroblastoma is a rare type of benign mesenchymal tumor; only two cases of intracranial myofibroblastoma have been reported in the literature. The authors report on the case of a 34-year-old woman with a myofibroblastoma in the suprasellar region who presented with the complaint of sudden onset of headache followed within 2 weeks by progressively(More)
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