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Recently, many research works on reducing energy consumption using information and communication technology (ICT) have done. In those works, however, electrical power saving in home heavily relies on human effort; we can expect little performance since it can save power only when living people have awareness. To overcome this problem, we have been studied(More)
IPv6 site multihoming discussed at the Multi6 working group is one of the hottest topics among many IPv6 related issues in the IETF. We have already proposed a variant of end-to-end multihoming (E2E-MH), where an outgoing packet from a site is routed to a site-exit router by source address dependent (SAD) routing so that it goes out to the transit provider(More)
Energy-on-Demand home networking is a newly proposed paradigm, by which electric power is supplied to appliances and devices, in response to explicit requests. Energy-onDemand is especially effective when multiple power sources can be used in a house. In order to utilize the power from multiple sources, it is needed to get the best matching between power(More)
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