Youichi Ishibe

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Lifestyle factors, including food and nutrition, physical activity, body composition and reproductive factors, and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are associated with breast cancer risk, but few studies of these factors have been performed in the Japanese population. Thus, the goals of this study were to validate the association between reported SNPs(More)
The primary purpose of this large cohort study is to investigate the effects on breast cancer outcomes of modifiable lifestyle factors after breast cancer diagnosis. These factors include physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and weight gain after diagnosis, alternative medicine and dietary factors. Women diagnosed with Stage 0 to III(More)
Noise-free and enlarged P loops of the Frank lead system were obtained from 164 normal Japanese males and 137 females (mean age: 34.4 and 33.2 years, respectively) with computer-averaging technique of 8 consecutive beats. Automated measurements concerning 17 parameters of the P loop (P durations, magnitudes, and directions of 3 planar, spatial maximal, and(More)
(1) Frank vectorcardiographic P loops of 25 healthy males were recorded at deep inspiration and expiration by using a minicomputer system with an averaging technique. Respiratory changes in 21 P parameters were quantitatively investigated. (2) The maximal left component of the P loop, the magnitude of the horizontal maximal vector and the magnitude of the P(More)
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