Youichi Horry

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A new method called TIP (Tour Into the Picture) is presented for easily making animations from one 2D picture or photograph of a scene. In TIP, animation is created from the viewpoint of a camera which can be three-dimensionally "walked or flownthrough" the 2D picture or photograph. To make such animation, conventional computer vision techniques cannot be(More)
We have developed an interface for browsing content that uses the metaphor of turning the pages of a book. Using our "Bookisheet" interface, which consists of two thin plastic sheets and bend sensors, a user can easily scroll digital content such as photos by bending one side of the sheet or the other. This action provides the tangible and pleasant sense of(More)
Three-dimensional displays are drawing attention as next-generation devices. Some techniques which can reproduce three-dimensional images prepared in advance have already been developed. However, technology for the transmission of 3D moving pictures in real-time is yet to be achieved. In this paper, we present a novel method for 360-degrees viewable 3D(More)
A novel method for an all-around display system that shows three-dimensional stereo images without the need for special goggles has been developed. This system simply needs a directional-reflection screen, mirrors, and a standard projector. The basic concept behind this system is to make use of the phenomenon called "afterimage" that occurs when screen is(More)
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