Youhei Suzuki

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Parking assistance, one of ITS technologies, by various methods has been studied in various places. In the near future, as infrastructures are improving, we propose other ways of parking assistance in the HIR (human-oriented information restructuring) system, which assists driver's visual sense by integrating and restructuring different kinds of(More)
A novel reaction-diffusion cellular-automaton model that generates Turing-like spatial patterns is proposed. The model employs linear diffusion fields of activators and inhibitors and a discrete transition rule after diffusion. Theoretical analysis of the one dimensional model proved that i) spatial distribution given by a periodic square function is stable(More)
Recently, damages of information systems by worms have been reported at global level. Signature based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) are widley used to prevent these damages. To handle newly created worms, automatic signature generation techniques based on common strings in the payloads of multiple worm flows of the same kind have been proposed. Because(More)
This paper presents a spreading method for down-link road to vehicle communication systems, which support broadcast and unicast communication in the same frequency. The proposed system is based on MC/DS-CDMA system, and uses a small spreading factor for broadcast transmission to achieve high data rate and uses a large spreading factor for unicast(More)
In this paper, we propose an FPGA-based collision warning system for advanced automobile driver assistance systems or autonomous moving robots. The system consists of three function blocks: coarse edge detection using a resistive-fuse network, moving-object detection inspired by neuronal propagation in the hippocampus, and danger evaluation and collision(More)
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