Youhei Noguchi

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Our previous study has shown that regardless of a relatively high amount of cholesterol, squid homogenate lowers serum and hepatic cholesterol in animals. Since this work, we have developed a new method to inhibit autolysis of squid proteins with sodium citrate. This study aims to investigate how squid homogenate prepared with sodium citrate affects lipid(More)
Strychnine at concentrations of 0.1 approximately 1.0 microM induced supersensitivity of rat vas deferens to alpha-agonists but not to other stimulants. Strychnine-treatment resulted in an increase in the number of alpha-adrenoceptors, determined by measuring the binding of [3H]prazosin. Glycine did not have any significant effect on the contracture and did(More)
The effects of dibutyryl cyclic GMP (db-cGMP) and dibutyryl cyclic AMP (db-cAMP) on potassium-stimulated 45Ca uptake by cortical slices of rat brain were investigated. db-cGMP specifically inhibited the initial rate of potassium-stimulated 45Ca uptake in a dose-dependent manner. Our findings supported the suggestion that cyclic GMP may play a regulatory(More)
1 and its N-terminal sequence are necessary for mitochondrial localization of DJ-1 mutants. (2013). ER-stress-associated functional link between Parkin and DJ-1 via a transcriptional cascade involving the tumor suppressor p53 and the spliced X-box binding protein XBP-1. Therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells on(More)
Effects of dopaminergic agonists and antagonists on [3H]apomorphine binding to striatal membranes of rat brain was examined. Haloperidol and spiroperidol exhibited biphasic inhibition of [3H]apomorphine binding; one of which had the Hill coefficient of 0.9, whereas the other had that of 0.4. The former accounted for 65% of [3H]apomorphine binding while the(More)
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