Youhei Kawamura

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Corrosion can cause section loss or cracks in the steel members which is one of the most important causes of deterioration of steel bridges. For some critical components of a steel bridge, it is fatal and could even cause the collapse of the whole bridge. Nowadays the most common approach to steel bridge inspection is visual inspection by inspectors with(More)
We present results of an x-ray study of structural properties of π-π conjugated networks in semicrystalline polymer thin films using nanofocused x-ray beam. We applied the x-ray cross-correlation analysis to x-ray scattering data from blends of poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) with gold nanoparticles. The Fourier spectra of the intensity cross-correlation(More)
After massive earthquakes and other large-scale disasters, existing communication infrastructure may become unavailable and, therefore, it can be quite difficult for relief organizations to fully grasp the impact of the disaster on the affected region. Consequently, this will be the cause of delays to offer the strategic assistance, and to provide water and(More)
A novel tone quality improvement method for a bone conduction voice is presented. In the present method, the tone quality of the bone conduction voice is converted to the similar quality of the air conduction voice. For the voice conversion, the present method uses a codebook, which consists of various paired code vectors of the bone and air conduction(More)
The effect of sonochemistry to acidify solutions was applied for the solid-liquid separation of three kinds of mineral suspensions. At first, the relationship was measured between zeta-potential and pH in these suspensions to find pH levels correspondent to the isoelectric points. Then sonication (200 kHz or 28 kHz) was applied to adjust pH to the(More)
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