Youghourta Benfattoum

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Network Coding is a new field that aims at, notably increasing the throughput in a network. ROCX [1] is an algorithm that makes routing with the awareness of network coding. However, its major limitation is that it does not take into account the bandwidth limitation and the interference impact. If the interference is not considered in a wireless network, a(More)
Most of the works on Generation-Based Network Coding (GBNC) consider a fixed generation size. A large generation size maximizes the Network Coding benefits but leads to a long delay while a small generation size reduces the delay but decreases the throughput. This paper presents the DYnamic GEneration Size (DYGES) approach. Our network-aware method adjusts(More)
Network Coding is a recent technique that has many advantages such as reducing the bandwidth consumption and increasing the throughput. IROCX [1] is a routing algorithm that applies Network Coding while considering the interference impact. However, it assumes a constant transmission power. We extend IROCX by allowing the nodes to transmit with several power(More)
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