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The Abelson (Abl) non-receptor tyrosine kinase regulates the cytoskeleton during multiple stages of neural development, from neurulation, to the articulation of axons and dendrites, to synapse formation and maintenance. We previously showed that Abl is genetically linked to the microtubule (MT) plus end tracking protein (+TIP) CLASP in Drosophila. Here we(More)
Mutations that diminish the function of the extracellular matrix receptor Dystroglycan (DG) result in muscular dystrophies, with associated neuronal migration defects in the brain and mental retardation e.g. Muscle Eye Brain Disease. To gain insight into the function of DG in the nervous system we initiated a study to examine its contribution to development(More)
Disruption of the dystroglycan gene in humans and mice leads to muscular dystrophies and nervous system defects including malformation of the brain and defective synaptic transmission. To identify proteins that interact with dystroglycan in the brain we have used immunoaffinity purification followed by mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS) and found that the GTPase(More)
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