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In this paper we provide a broad survey of developments in active vision in robotic applications over the last 15 years. With increasing demand for robotic automation, research in this area has received much attention. Among the many factors that can be attributed to a high-performance robotic system, the planned sensing or acquisition of perceptions on the(More)
Background subtraction is important for detecting moving objects in videos. Currently, there are many approaches to performing background subtraction. However, they usually neglect the fact that the background images consist of different objects whose conditions may change frequently. In this paper, a novel hierarchical background model is proposed based on(More)
Motion trajectory can be an informative and descriptive clue that is suitable for the characterization of motion. Studying motion trajectory for effective motion description and recognition is important in many applications. For instance, motion trajectory can play an important role in the representation, recognition and learning of most long-term human or(More)
Motion trajectory is a compact clue for motion characterization. However, it is normally used directly in its raw data form in most work and effective trajectory description is lacking. In this paper, we propose a novel hierarchical motion trajectory signature descriptor, which can not only fully capture motion features for detailed perception, but also can(More)
Structured light vision systems have been successfully used for accurate measurement of 3D surfaces in computer vision. However, their applications are mainly limited to scanning stationary objects so far since tens of images have to be captured for recovering one 3D scene. This paper presents an idea for real-time acquisition of 3D surface data by a(More)
A structured light vision system using pattern projection is useful for robust reconstruction of 3D objects. One of the major tasks in using such a system is the calibration of the sensing system. This paper presents a new method by which a 2DOF structured light system can be automatically recalibrated, if and when the relative pose between the camera and(More)
Stability is one of the important properties that a robot hand grasp must possess to be able to perform tasks similar to those performed by human hands. This paper discusses the dynamic stability of a grasped object. To analyze the stability of grasps, we build the model of the dynamics of the grasped object in response to the small perturbances.(More)
Shape matching and retrieval have been some of the fundamental topics in computer vision. Object shape is a meaningful and informative cue in object recognition, where an effective shape descriptor plays an important role. To capture the invariant features of both local shape details and visual parts, we propose a novel invariant multi-scale descriptor for(More)