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This paper expounds three kinds of grey neural network combined model for short-term prediction of urban traffic speed, and confirms their validity and feasibility by conducting experiment in Beijing road of Jingzhou. Three kinds of networks are parallel grey neural network, series grey neural network, and inlaid grey neural network. The experiment proves(More)
With increasingly prevalent of E-learning, the intelligent Q/A system arise at the historic moment. In this paper we proposed an improved text cluster algorithm, with the improved association rules algorithm, it can classify the information in the database accurately according to the questions, locate the user's question fast and therefore speeds up the(More)
This paper is mainly devoted to identify an evolutionary approach based on search strategy, namely multiobjective evolutionary algorithm for indoor positioning (MEIP). Each subproblem is optimized by information from its several neighboring subproblems, which makes MEIP lower computational complexity at each generation and be capable of determining the user(More)
The article analyzes the advantage and disadvantage of part lacking fidelity searching algorithm, based on early ending technology thought. Given the disadvantage of the partial distortion search (PDS) algorithm, it brings up one kind of improved method which is similar to it. The improved algorithm also calculates sum of absolute difference (SAD) once(More)
With the mature technologies and products, the next generation network has been more and more concerned in China. Chinese main telecom operators are beginning to associate test or structural network in order to expand their market. The article advances a new theory to solve the failure of the current communication networks that is the implementation of the(More)
Under Cognitive radio (CR), the Quality of Service (QoS) suffers from many dimensions or metrics of communication quality for improving spectrum utilization. To investigate this issue, this paper develops a methodology based on the multiobjective optimization model with genetic algorithms (GAs). The influence of evolving a radio defined by a chromosome is(More)
in this paper, a three-layer Discriminative-Adaptive Neural Network algorithm (DANN) is proposed in indoor Positioning System. By using Multivariate Discriminant Analysis, a weight matrix could be acquired, then it could input these weighting signals into the Neural Network for training, and it could get a minimum mean square error, finally, we could get(More)
Cognitive Radio network (CRN) is a network composed of elements that, through learning and reasoning, dynamically adapt to varying network conditions in order to improve spectrum efficiency for wireless networking. To investigate opportunistic scheduling, this paper develops a methodology based on the jointly consideration of the power control, spectrum(More)
Event detection and notification is a common task in a Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Efficient data aggregation and the minimization of energy consumption are the great research challenges in WSN. In WSN, normally the events are detected by more than one node and it is more reliable if the consistent event information is received from more than one node.(More)