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Interactions between gut microbiota, host genetics and diet relevant to development of metabolic syndromes in mice
Both genetic variations and diet-disrupted gut microbiota can predispose animals to metabolic syndromes (MS). This study assessed the relative contributions of host genetics and diet in shaping theExpand
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Prediction of protein structural class with Rough Sets
A new method for the prediction of protein structural classes is constructed based on Rough Sets algorithm, which is a rule-based data mining method. Expand
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Conservation of noncoding microsatellites in plants: implication for gene regulation
BackgroundMicrosatellites are extremely common in plant genomes, and in particular, they are significantly enriched in the 5' noncoding regions. Although some 5' noncoding microsatellites involved inExpand
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Preference of simple sequence repeats in coding and non-coding regions of Arabidopsis thaliana
We identified 1140 full-length genes that contained at least one locus of AG or AAG repeats in their upstream sequences, and whose functional characteristics were significantly associated with the repeats. Expand
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Probability landscape of heritable and robust epigenetic state of lysogeny in phage lambda
Computational studies of biological networks can help to identify components and wirings responsible for observed phenotypes. However, studying stochastic networks controlling many biologicalExpand
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Overexpression ofGbERF confers alteration of ethylene-responsive gene expression and enhanced resistance toPseudomonas syringae in transgenic tobacco
GbERF belongs to the ERF (ethylene responsive factor) family of transcription factors and regulates the GCC-box containing pathogen-related (PR) genes in the ethylene signal transduction pathway. ToExpand
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Cloning and Characterization of a Flavanone 3-Hydroxylase Gene from Ginkgo biloba
Flavanone 3-hydroxylase (F3H) activity is necessary for the biosynthesis of flavonoids, the main ingredients of Gingko biloba extract. The full-length cDNA and genomic DNA sequences of F3H gene wereExpand
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Optimal enumeration of state space of finitely buffered stochastic molecular networks and exact computation of steady state landscape probability
We have developed an algorithm that can exhaustively enumerate the microstates of a molecular network of small copy numbers under the condition that the net gain in newly synthesized molecules is smaller than a predefined limit. Expand
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Accurate Chemical Master Equation Solution Using Multi-Finite Buffers
The discrete chemical master equation (dCME) provides a fundamental framework for studying stochasticity in mesoscopic networks. Expand
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Distributional gradient of amino acid repeats in plant proteins.
A computer-based analysis was conducted to assess the characteristics of amino acid repeats in Arabidopsis and rice. Our analysis showed a negative gradient in amino acid repeat distribution alongExpand
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