Youchun Zhang

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We conducted qualitative interviews with 48 female sex workers (FSW) recruited from entertainment venues in Liuzhou, China. Analyses found that HIV knowledge and sexual health seeking strategies differed by size of venue: (1) Women in smaller venues said they douched before/after sex and used condoms with all but their regular partners and clients. Most(More)
Regression test selection (RTS) techniques select and retest a subset of the existing test suite aiming at reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of the regression testing during maintenance of evolving software. Safe RTS technique, which is one of the most important approaches of a wide variety of RTS techniques, is focused on the selective(More)
Formulating a well-established research question is a key step to a PhD student. In this paper, evidence-based paradigm is applied to iteratively acquire the overall picture of primary research question based on the analysis of data in practice. A PhD student’s experience, centering on her chosen area-regression test selection, is conducted as a case study(More)
Test cases play an important role in variety of testing activities. While how to generate suitable test cases and meet testing adequacy requirements? In this paper, we borrowed an idea from Goal Question Metric (GQM) and have constructed three-tier strategy to generate test cases in a measureable framework. Besides the presentation of the approach, we have(More)
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