YouJun Choi

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Automobiles provide a convenient form of transportation, and the number of automobiles in the world has been increasing rapidly, from 193 million in 1970 to more than 796 million in recent years [1]. However, automobiles have created a number of serious problems, such as accidents, traffic congestion, and air pollution, among which traffic accidents are one(More)
In the public space, a mobile robot is adopted as a guider. For guiding a person to the goal position, the mobile robot should make the safe path ,avoid the obstacles and navigate the generated path well. In general, laser range finder is used for the detection of the map around the mobile robot. We propose mobile robot navigation method using our developed(More)
Driver's drowsiness and fatigue on driving is one of the most major reasons that causes serious car accidents. This paper suggests smart steering wheel system that have physiological sensors for real automotive application and emergency alarm systems for driver using smart phone. Smart steering wheel implementation method is described briefly for real(More)
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