YouFa Sun

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Keeping balance between the diversity of population and the convergence of evolution for genetic algorithm remains a work of art. It is well known that the chaotic mapping helps to maintain good diversity for population and Baldwin effect based posterior learning promotes evolution along the right direction, thus forming chaotic parallel genetic algorithm(More)
Standard genetic algorithm conducts probabilistic parallel searches for the best chromosome by repeating generate-and-test processes, which completely ignore experiences gained during individuals' lifetime. Such inborn defect, however, is fully intact under conventional improvements. In this paper, a novel self-adaptive generalized GA based on Baldwin(More)
Lots of improvements have been made to genetic algorithm, but they did not nearly solve the dilemmas - slow convergence and crowding problem due to the conventional genetic algorithms' oversimplified mechanisms: pseudo-diversity of population and randomized evolutionary operation. Basing on a new scheme -random evolution plus feedback, which is reported to(More)
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