You-tong Fang

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Electric vehicles (EVs) provide a feasible solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus become a hot topic for research and development. Switched reluctance motors (SRMs) are one of the promised motors for EV applications. In order to extend the EVs' driving miles, the use of photovoltaic (PV) panels on the vehicle helps to decrease the reliance on(More)
Strength and ductility are mutually exclusive if they are manifested as consequence of the coupling between strengthening and toughening mechanisms. One notable example is dislocation strengthening in metals, which invariably leads to reduced ductility. However, this trend is averted in metastable austenitic steels. A one-step thermal mechanical treatment(More)
We describe a single sided matrix converter (SSMC) designed for safety critical applications like flight control actuation systems. Dynamic simulations of multi-phase SSMC using Matlab Simulink are carried out to evaluate the fault tolerance capabilities. Investigation into different numbers of phases and power converter topologies under single phase open(More)
Many pivot-based sorting methods benefit from balanced partition of data into smaller chunks with better parallelism and locality. However, it is difficult to partition data with the same high efficiency. This paper presents an improved partition method, Parallel Sorting by Approximate Splitting, which is based on an extend pivots selecting algorithm.(More)
For an energy-efficient induction machine, the life-cycle cost (LCC) usually is the most important index to the consumer. With this target, the optimization design of a motor is a complex nonlinear problem with constraints. To solve the problem, the authors introduce a united random algorithm. At first, the problem is divided into two parts, the optimal(More)
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