You-ping Chen

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Cholesterol oxidation products (COPs), formed during the heating of cholesterol-rich foods, have been shown to cause cancer and coronary heart disease. The objectives of this study were to develop a GC-MS method for the determination of COPs in pig feet meat, skin, and juice during marinating and to study the formation and inhibition of COPs as affected by(More)
The Pd-Y alloy sensing film has an excellent property for hydrogen detection, but just for one month, the sensing film's property decreases seriously. To study the failure of the sensing film, the XPS spectra analysis was used to explore the chemical content of the Pd-Y alloy film, and analysis results demonstrate that the yttrium was oxidized. The paper(More)
To better understand the ecological requirements of the giant panda Ailuropoda melanoleuca in the wild, field surveys were carried out at both the microhabitat scale and foraging site scale in Wanglang National Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China. The results indicated that (1) at the microhabitat scale, giant pandas usually occupied habitats with a high(More)
The failure of hydrogen sensor with palladium film is primarily the phase transition of PdH. To restrain this, a novel palladium and yttrium (Pd-Y) alloy film was prepared by the co-sputtering method and was used to design an optical fiber hydrogen sensor. A sensor model was established based on the optical film matrix method. The relationship between the(More)
The lack of synchronous communication channel is a major obstacle for the application Ethernet to the motion control systems. Based on the IEEE-1588 precision clock synchronization protocol, in this paper, a new distributed interpolator have been studied. The PVT-based distributed interpolation scheme that only relies on a clock synchronization of Ethernet(More)
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