You Zhe Ho

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Toroidal multipoles are the subject of growing interest because of their unusual electromagnetic properties different from the electric and magnetic multipoles. In this paper, we present two new related classes of plasmonic metamaterial composed of purposely arranged of four U-shaped split ring resonators (SRRs) that show profound resonant toroidal(More)
Artificial photosynthesis using semiconductors has been investigated for more than three decades for the purpose of transferring solar energy into chemical fuels. Numerous studies have revealed that the introduction of plasmonic materials into photochemical reaction can substantially enhance the photo response to the solar splitting of water. Until(More)
photovoltaics, [ 5 ] super-resolution imaging, [ 6 ] and various twodimensional plasmonic lens. [ 7 ] Besides, using nanostructures to project SPP plane waves into the adjacent free space is also an important issue. The interactions of plasmonic nanostructure on SPP wave involve not only the in-plane behavior, but also out-of-plane scattering which is(More)
We propose an innovative active imaging device named gain-assisted hybrid-superlens hyperlens and examine its resolving power theoretically. This semi-cylindrical device consists of a core of semi-cylindrical super-lens and a half cylindrical outer shell of hyperlens. Both the superlens and hyperlens parts of the device are appropriately designed(More)
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