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A VR simulator provides low-cost, realistic training for intracardiac techniques for determining the heart's mechanical and electrical activities. A geometric method models interaction between a catheter and the heart wall. Boundary-enhanced voxelization accelerates detection of catheter-heart interaction. A tactile interface incorporates a VR catheter unit(More)
One-dimensional flexible supercapacitor yarns are of considerable interest for future wearable electronics. The bottleneck in this field is how to develop devices of high energy and power density, by using economically viable materials and scalable fabrication technologies. Here we report a hierarchical graphene-metallic textile composite electrode concept(More)
Elastomeric petals directly replicated from natural rose petal are new versatile substrates for stretchable and printable electronics. Compared with conventional flat polydimethylsiloxane substrates, elastomeric petals have biomimicking topographic surfaces that can effectively inhibit the propagation of microcracks formed in the conducting layer, which is(More)
The online version of this research paper unfortunately contained two mistakes. Author names were missing partially or completely from the authorship list and citation, respectively. These mistakes were accidentally caused by the incompatibility of the typesetting software. The printed version is correct as the above.
The members of the Committee appointed to examine the dissertation of Pinping Sun find it satisfactory and recommend that it be accepted. ___________________________________ Chair ___________________________________ ___________________________________ iii ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would first like to thank my parents, for all the love, support and understanding over(More)
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