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The Montgomery ladder exponentiation algorithm is recognized as a very efficient countermeasure against Simple Power Analysis and C Safe-Error Attacks on RSA or elliptic curve cryptosystem. In this paper, we demonstrate the vulnerability of the Montgomery ladder algorithm to fault analysis attack when an error is injected during its operation in an embedded(More)
A side channel analysis is a very efficient attack against small devices such as smart cards and wireless sensor nodes. In this paper, we propose an efficient key detection method using a peak selection algorithm in order to find the advanced encryption standard secret key from electromagnetic signals. The proposed method is applied to a correlation(More)
The conventional works on secret key distribution in the wireless sensor network have mainly focused on the application layer approaches. Recently, some researchers are studying the more efficient key distribution using the characteristics of lower layers such as network layer and physical layer. Oliveira and Barros proposed an approach to secret key(More)
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