You-Sheng Shen

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To get rid of the heavy burden of aspect ratio tuning, bias adjustment and porting problem among processes in full-custom or mixed-mode design, a fully digital smart temperature sensor realizable with 140 field programmable gate array (FPGA) logic elements was proposed for painless VLSI on-chip integrations. By simply replacing the cyclic delay line with a(More)
Abstract: In this paper, a novel isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter is proposed, which is able to accomplish high step-up/down voltage conversion. Therefore, it is suitable for hybrid electric vehicle, fuel cell vehicle, energy backup system, and grid-system applications. The proposed converter incorporates a coupled inductor to behave(More)
Abstract: In this paper, a detailed and systematic derivation of the output filter in a novel dual-input photovoltaic (PV)-wind converter (DIPWC) is presented. The theoretical derivation is based on an energy balance principle. While the DIPWC operates in steady state, the amount of charged energy of the output filter will be equal to that of the energy(More)
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