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GC content varies greatly between different genomic regions in many eukaryotes. In order to determine whether this organization named isochore organization influences gene expression patterns, the relationship between GC content and gene expression has been investigated in man and mouse. However, to date, this question is still a matter for debate. Among(More)
BACKGROUND Coding sequence (CDS) length, gene size, and intron length vary within a genome and among genomes. Previous studies in diverse organisms, including human, D. Melanogaster, C. elegans, S. cerevisiae, and Arabidopsis thaliana, indicated that there are negative relationships between expression level and gene size, CDS length as well as intron(More)
The chicken (Gallus gallus) is an important model organism that bridges the evolutionary gap between mammals and non-amniote vertebrates. Here, we carried out a systematic study of the relationship between 5′ UTR length and gene expression pattern in the chicken genome. We found that gene 5′ UTRs lengths show a negative correlation with gene expression(More)
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