You-Lian Zheng

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Artificial bee colony (ABC) is one of the most recently introduced swarm-based algorithms inspired by the intelligent foraging behaviour of honeybee swarm. In this study, ABC is applied to solve fuzzy job shop scheduling problems to investigate the advantage of ABC on fuzzy scheduling. In ABC, an operation-based coding and decoding procedure is adopted and(More)
Fuzzy scheduling and flexible scheduling in job shop environment have been extensively considered, however, the problems with both flexible process plan and fuzzy processing conditions are seldom investigated for the high complexity. This paper addresses the scheduling problems of flexible job shop with fuzzy processing time. We developed an efficient(More)
Preventive maintenance (PM) has been considered on many scheduling problems, however, the problem of scheduling jobs and PM on fuzzy job shop are seldom investigated. This paper presents a random key genetic algorithm (RKGA) for the problem with resumable jobs and PM in the fixed time intervals. RKGA uses a novel random key representation, a new decoding(More)
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