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Rhizoma Coptidis (RC), commonly known as huanglian, is a herb frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prescriptions. Known to have "clearing damp-heat, quenching fire and counteracting poison" properties, it was widely used in the Chinese community in Singapore. Berberine, an alkaloid isolated from RC, is known to have a wide array of(More)
The research on acupuncture has increased steadily over the years and regular review and revision of the direction of future acupuncture research are necessary. This paper aims to review and explore the significance of acupuncture depth in modern acupuncture research. Searches conducted in Science Direct and China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)(More)
BACKGROUND Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a prevalent disease caused by multiple facets of factors. Current Western Medicine treatment of GERD focuses mainly on symptom alleviation. Although proton-pump inhibitors are known to alleviate symptoms in most patients, a significant portion of patients continue to present GERD. OBJECTIVE Given(More)
This article introduces the Layer Analysis Method of the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic text to revive its use in modern acupuncture and medicine. This is a crucial concept, especially for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by acupuncture. First, the rise and decline of this method is explored. Second, the differentiation of this method is described by(More)
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