You Kok Yeow

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Downbeat nystagmus (DBN) is a primary position nystagmus with the fast phase in a downward direction. It is a rare but distinctive disorder of ocular motility and usually localizes the lesion at the posterior fossa. Four patients with DBN were seen in the department. One had a medullary glioma, and another congenital basilar invagination. The other two were(More)
A patient with large cell malignant lymphoma presented with transient left oculomotor nerve synkinesis, left trigeminal and abducens nerve palsies. Magnetic resonance imaging showed thickening of the oculomotor and trigeminal nerves characteristic of central nervous system lymphoma. To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of transient oculomoter(More)
This paper presents the development of a PC-based microwave five-port reflectometer for the determination of moisture content in oil palm fruits. The reflectometer was designed to measure both the magnitude and phase of the reflection coefficient of any passive microwave device. The stand-alone reflectometer consists of a PC, a microwave source, diode(More)
This paper presents the application of monopole sensor for determination of sweetness level of local oranges in Malaysia which can be investigated non-destructively. Simulation using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) version 2012 was carried out to observe the effect on reflection coefficient (S11) when the monopole sensor's grounding dimension is(More)
This paper introduces the potential of the bandpass filter to implement as a microwave sensor for rice characterization. Three different filter sensors are design in order to operate at frequency range between 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz. The reflection coefficient, Γ and transmission coefficient, T performances for the sensors have been analyzed. Three types(More)
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