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—Recent studies show that the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) band allocated to vehicular networks is insufficient to carry the wireless traffic load generated by emerging applications for vehicular systems. A promising band-width expansion possibility presents itself through the release of large TV band spectra by FCC for cognitive access. One(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the usefulness of intracranial stent implantation for treating patients with atherosclerotic stenosis and with recurrent, ischemic, neurological symptoms despite having undergone medical therapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between March 2004 and April 2010, we attempted intracranial, stent-assisted angioplasty in 77 patients with 85(More)
Keywords: TV white space Cognitive radio Medium access control Survey Open research issues a b s t r a c t The opening of TV white space (TVWS) bands for cognitive access is one of the first tangible steps to solve spectrum scarcity problem in current wireless networks. However, this has also raised many new challenges to efficiently use the TVWS spectrum.(More)
—Many studies show that the Dedicated Short Range Communication band is insufficient to carry increasing wireless data traffic in vehicular networks. The release of large TV spectra by FCC for cognitive access provides additional spectrum resources to solve the spectrum scarcity problem. However, FCC allows fixed devices to use high transmitting powers,(More)
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