Yotaro Abe

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The mechanism of pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems is treated as an interesting subject, generally for understanding self-organization observed in living systems and natural phenomena. Several spatial patterns appear in the reaction-diffusion systems where an activator and an inhibitor coexist as an intermediate, as represented by a traveling(More)
The over-passing probability across an inverted parabolic potential barrier is investigated according to the classical and quantal generalized Langevin equations. It is shown that, in the classical case, the asymptotic value of the over-passing probability is determined by a single dominant root of the "characteristic function," and it is given by a simple(More)
The fust generation strategies toward the total synthesis of brevetoxin B (1) are presented and the syntheses of the key intermediates 3, 4, 5, 67, 83, and 94-98 required for the projected construction are described. The earliest and most convergent strategy required the application of the hydroxy epoxide cyclization and the intramolecular conjugate(More)
A method for numerical simulation of two-term exponentially correlated colored noise is proposed. The method is an extension of traditional method for one-term exponentially correlated colored noise. The validity of the algorithm is tested by comparing numerical simulations with analytical results in two physical applications.
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