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The results of medical specialist consultations sampled from several rural clinics located throughout India indicate that remote expert opinions can improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. Central to this presentation is a description of how real-time and store & forward telemedicine services can be provided to rural populations over hybrid networks(More)
This chapter discusses penalty kicks in soccer, interpreted within the framework of behavioral economics. We present two behaviors of professional soccer players during penalty kicks that seem nonoptimal, and possibly indicate biases in decision making. We ask whether, despite the huge incentives involved in professional soccer and the possibility of(More)
The purpose of this article is to propose an ethical framework for software engineers that connects software developers' ethical responsibilities directly to their professional standards. The implementation of such an ethical framework can overcome the traditional dichotomy between professional skills and ethical skills, which plagues the engineering(More)
The dentist's lineage goes back to the town barbershop, whereas the physician's ancestor was the tribal witch doctor. Both physicians and dentists are naturally expected to attend to their patients' health, but while the physician may try and attend to the patients' overall well-being, dentists have clients that they must satisfy by attending to their(More)
Although political participation can take many different forms within a democratic regime, there is no doubt that in one way or another the notion is central to the very idea of a democracy. It is difficult to find a piece of research reported in contemporary journals of political science that does not purport to describe some form of political(More)
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