Yosuke Uchiyama

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This paper presented a report about a multimedia project carried out in underdeveloped area in Indonesia. We first explained assumptions of the project, then followed by discussion on network design issues using wireless LAN and power line communication (PLC) based the assumptions. The network design then would be a platform for the e-learning applications(More)
Isomeric pentacoordinate 1,2-oxastibetanes bearing the Martin ligand have been synthesized by the reactions of bromo(2-hydroxyalkyl)stiboranes with sodium hydride of which one of the isomers was characterized by X-ray crystallographic analysis and NMR spectroscopy. Thermolysis of the isomer shown (CD3CN, 140 degrees C) afforded the oxirane with retention of(More)
[reaction: see text] Pentacoordinate 1,2-oxastibetanes 14a-d, which are formal [2 + 2]-cycloadducts of the reactions of stibonium ylides with carbonyl compounds, were successfully synthesized by the reactions of the corresponding bromo-2-hydroxyalkylstiboranes with NaH. The crystal structures of 14a and 14c were established by X-ray crystallographic(More)
We describe a new method for fabricating a capillary-type sensor, called a combinable poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) capillary (CPC) sensor. The method for preparing the CPC simplifies enzyme inhibitor assays into a simple, single step assay. The sample inhibitor solution is introduced by capillary action. This triggers the spontaneous dissolution of(More)
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