Yosuke Takasu

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We report the observation of a Bose-Einstein condensation of ytterbium atoms by evaporative cooling in a novel crossed optical trap. Unlike the previously observed condensates, a ytterbium condensate is a two-electron system in a singlet state and has distinct features such as the extremely narrow intercombination transitions which are ideal for future(More)
Evaporative cooling was performed to cool fermionic 173Yb atoms in a crossed optical dipole trap. The large elastic collision rate leads to efficient evaporation and we have successfully cooled the atoms to 0.37+/-0.06 of the Fermi temperature, that is to say, to a quantum degenerate regime. In this regime, a plunge of evaporation efficiency was observed as(More)
We explore the transport properties of an interacting Fermi gas in a three-dimensional optical lattice. The center of mass dynamics of the atoms after a sudden displacement of the trap minimum is monitored for different interaction strengths and lattice fillings. With increasingly strong attractive interactions the weakly damped oscillation, observed for(More)
We realize simultaneous quantum degeneracy in mixtures consisting of the alkali and alkaline-earth-like atoms Li and Yb. This is accomplished within an optical trap by sympathetic cooling of the fermionic isotope ⁶Li with evaporatively cooled bosonic ¹⁷⁴Yb and, separately, fermionic ¹⁷³Yb. Using cross-thermalization studies, we also measure the elastic(More)
We have succeeded in trapping a high density of rare-earth atom of ytterbium (Yb) in a crossed far-off resonance trap. The peak density reaches more than 10(14) cm(-3). With a new method of a delayed crossed far-off resonance trap, we have elucidated that the atoms became concentrated into the cross region by atom-atom collisions. We trap fermionic Yb atoms(More)
We report the realization of a novel degenerate Fermi mixture with an SU(2)×SU(6) symmetry in a cold atomic gas. We successfully cool the mixture of the two fermionic isotopes of ytterbium 171Yb with the nuclear spin I=1/2 and 173Yb with I=5/2 below the Fermi temperature T_{F} as 0.46TF for 171Yb and 0.54TF for 173Yb. The same scattering lengths for(More)
We observed high-resolution photoassociation spectra of laser-cooled ytterbium (Yb) atoms in the spin-forbidden 1S0 - 3P1 intercombination line. The rovibrational levels in the 0u+ state were measured for red detunings of the photoassociation laser ranging from 2.9 MHz to 1.97 GHz with respect to the atomic resonance. The rotational splitting of the(More)
Raman active phonons in the type-I clathrate compounds of X8Ga16Ge30 X=Eu,Sr,Ba have been fully assigned by the combination of polarized Raman scattering and first principles calculations. The dynamical motions of guest ions in the 6d-site cage have been clearly identified. The energy of the modes, related to a rattling motion, decreases with decreasing(More)
We report the photoassociation spectroscopy of laser-cooled ytterbium atoms in an optical trap. We observed more than 90 photoassociation resonances of vibrational levels in the (1)Sigma(+)(u) state, including 80 consecutive series, up to 490 GHz detuning with respect to the atomic resonance. From the resonance frequencies we derived the atomic radiative(More)