Yosuke Takami

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Recent digital fabrication tools have opened up accessibility to personalized rapid prototyping; however, such tools are limited to product-scale objects. The materials currently available for use in 3D printing are too fine for large-scale objects, and CNC gantry sizes limit the scope of printable objects. In this paper, we propose a new method for(More)
Although apomixis is the most common form of parthenogenesis in diplodiploid arthropods, it is uncommon in the haplodiploid insect order Hymenoptera. We found a new type of spontaneous apomixis in the Hymenoptera, completely lacking meiosis and the expulsion of polar bodies in egg maturation division, on the thelytokous strain of a parasitoid wasp Meteorus(More)
This research was carried out to analyze the actions of caregivers when aiding a patient to sit up in bed. The new system showed that three dimensional analysis could be performed even on points on the subjects' bodies that were hidden from view. We also developed a method to estimate the load on the lumbar region of caregivers based on the kinetic analysis(More)
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