Yosuke Seki

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We developed a new laparoscopic manipulator to substitute for the human assistant, which utilizes the property of oblique viewing laparoscopes. Instead of panning around the fulcrum to move the laparoscopic field of view to left/right in the case of the "straight-viewing" laparoscope, only the scope cylinder of the "oblique-viewing" laparoscope attached to(More)
BACKGROUND We herein report a case of a bronchogenic cyst arising from the esophagogastric junction treated by laparoscopic full-thickness extirpation. The full-thickness defect was closed by hand sewing a T-shaped line over the gastroendoscope as a bougie to prevent postoperative deformity or stenosis. Partial fundoplication (Toupet fundoplication) was(More)
This paper describes the development of a novel wearable laparoscope manipulator which is put on the surface of the patient's hypogastric region, using the artificial muscles. The manipulator was composed of a Stewart-Gough Platform with six degrees of freedom. This manipulator is compact and very lightweight. Its weight is 364g. This manipulator can be(More)
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