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Near-infrared spectroscopic study and the Wada test for presurgical evaluation of expressive and receptive language functions in glioma patients: With a case report of dissociated language functions
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has proven to be useful for the evaluation of language lateralization in healthy subjects, infants, and epileptic patients. This study for the first timeExpand
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Dynamic changes of interictal post-spike slow waves toward seizure onset in focal cortical dysplasia type II
OBJECTIVE A post-spike slow wave (PSS) as part of a spike and slow wave is presumably related to inhibition of epileptic activity. In this study, we evaluated dynamic changes of PSS power towardExpand
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Evaluation of electric current exposure of hand in current perception threshold measurement
Concern has been raised in recent years regarding the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields in the intermediate frequency band on human health. The study of indirect effects, such as contactExpand
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Cortico-cortical evoked hemodynamic responses in human language systems using intraoperative near-infrared spectroscopy during direct cortical stimulation
BACKGROUND Understanding of cortico-cortical activity in eloquent areas intraoperatively is crucial for neurosurgical procedures. Here, we used intraoperative near-infrared spectroscopy (iNIRS)Expand
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La subjectivité dans Les Fleurs du Mal
Au cours de notre analyse sur la subjectivite dans Les Fleurs du Mal, il nous a semble necessaire de commencer par la derniere section, intitulee « La Mort ». En effet, lorsque l’on traite non pas duExpand
Alliage de zirconium super-élastique pour une utilisation biologique, instrument médical et verres
L'invention concerne un alliage super-elastique pour une utilisation biologique ayant une biocompatibilite elevee, une bonne aptitude au traitement et une super-elasticite, ledit alliageExpand
Activity changes in the left superior temporal sulcus reflect the effects of childcare training on young female students’ perceptions of infants’ negative facial expressions
In many developed countries, the number of infants who experience non-parent childcare is increasing, and the role of preschool teachers is becoming more important. However, little attention has beenExpand