Yosuke Osuka

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We present a patient with metastatic cardiac leiomyosarcoma that was diagnosed antemortem by transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) and ECG-gated magnetic resonance imaging with gadolinium diethylene triaminepentaacetic acid (Gd-DTPA MRI). TEE and Gd-DTPA MRI clearly revealed the morphological characteristics of infundibular stenosis and cardiac tamponade.(More)
The first successful correction of "double outlet left atrium" was presented. This lesion is inevitably associated with complete A-V canal, and may have many associated anomalies. Technical problems concerning the total correction of this anomaly were discussed.
Overall physical performance can be represented by a composite score that is derived from upper and lower extremity performance measures. We aimed to identify whether composite scores of performance measures, particularly the lower extremity performance (LEP) score, upper extremity performance (UEP) score, and an overall score, are more accurate than usual(More)
AIM To examine the effects of walking on falls among community-dwelling older adults while accounting for exposures. METHODS A total of 90 older adults, ranging in age from 65 to 79 years, were allocated into either the walking (brisk walking, n = 50) or the balance (balance and strength training, n = 40) group to participate in a 3-month supervised and(More)
AIM To identify whether individual physical performance measures or a combination of measures is a better indicator of multiple geriatric syndromes (MGS) defined as the concomitant presence of more than one geriatric syndrome in an individual. METHODS We carried out cross-sectional analyses on data from 340 community-dwelling women aged 75 years and older(More)
AIM Habitual moderate vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA) positively affects lower-extremity performance. It is unclear whether habitual light-intensity physical activity (LPA), such as leisurely walking, has similar effects on lower-extremity performance. The aim of the present study was to identify the associations between habitual LPA and(More)
The purpose of this longitudinal study was to examine the association between habitual walking and multiple or injurious falls (falls) among community-dwelling older adults, by considering the relative risk of falling. A cohort of Japanese community-dwelling older adults (n=535) aged 60-91 years (73.1±6.6 year, 157 men and 378 women) who underwent(More)
BACKGROUND Research has shown that engaging in leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) and consuming dairy foods can lead to better sleep. Combining these two non-invasive prescriptions may be more effective for helping people fall asleep. This study investigates whether participating in LTPA in conjunction with consuming milk and milk products has a(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the combined association of obesity and low muscle strength with mobility limitation in older adults. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS This two-year follow-up longitudinal study included pooled data from 283 older community-dwelling Japanese women without mobility limitations who were 65 to 87 years of age (mean age 72.2 ± 5.0(More)
A strategy for the preservation of intrarenal vasculature conditions remains obscure in middle-aged and older individuals without the renal disease. In the present study, we sought to identify whether the maintenance of muscular strength is an effective method of preserving the intrarenal vasculature condition of middle-aged and older individuals.(More)