Yosuke Matsumoto

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Fermi liquid theory, the standard theory of metals, has been challenged by a number of observations of anomalous metallic behavior found in the vicinity of a quantum phase transition. The breakdown of the Fermi liquid is accomplished by fine-tuning the material to a quantum critical point by using a control parameter such as the magnetic field, pressure, or(More)
We present a new magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation code with the aim of providing accurate numerical solutions to astrophysical phenomena where discontinuities, shock waves, and turbulence are inherently important. The code implements the HLLD approximate Riemann solver, the fifth-order-monotonicity-preserving interpolation scheme, and the hyper-bolic(More)
– An approach to adaptive user interface using mixture model and state space model is proposed. Mixture model is applied to response data of many users to extract user types in a preliminary experiment. Estimated components are regarded as " user types ". Online identification of the type of a new user from his/her response series is done by state space(More)
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