Yosuke Matsumoto

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Fermi liquid theory, the standard theory of metals, has been challenged by a number of observations of anomalous metallic behavior found in the vicinity of a quantum phase transition. The breakdown of the Fermi liquid is accomplished by fine-tuning the material to a quantum critical point by using a control parameter such as the magnetic field, pressure, or(More)
PrV2Al20 is a rare example of a heavy-fermion system based on strong hybridization between conduction electrons and nonmagnetic quadrupolar moments of the cubic Γ3 ground doublet. Here, we report that a high-quality single crystal of PrV2Al20 exhibits superconductivity at Tc=50  mK in the antiferroquadrupole-ordered state under ambient pressure. The(More)
A new method for experimentally simulating the interference between UWB (ultra wideband) and WLAN (wireless LAN) systems is presented. The method employs a GTEM (gigahertz transverse electromagnetic) cell, which is usually used for EMC testing at microwave frequencies, to generate a uniform electromagnetic field with a wideband interfering signal. The(More)
In the paper, we propose a method for improving maneuverability of master-slave systems. We aim for reproducing human skillfulness and dynamic performance in master-slave robots by using assist control for human operators. In this paper, we focus on a reaching task of a master-slave robot and propose an operation assist algorithm based on visual feedback(More)
We present a new magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation code with the aim of providing accurate numerical solutions to astrophysical phenomena where discontinuities, shock waves, and turbulence are inherently important. The code implements the HLLD approximate Riemann solver, the fifth-order-monotonicity-preserving interpolation scheme, and the hyper-bolic(More)