Yosuke Hatanaka

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We propose a statistical strategy to predict differentially regulated genes of case and control samples from time-course gene expression data by leveraging unpredictability of the expression patterns from the underlying regulatory system inferred by a state space model. The proposed method can screen out genes that show different patterns but generated by(More)
We report various transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) conserved among co-expressed genes in human promoter region using expression and genomic data. Assuming similar promoter structure induces similar transcriptional regulation, hence induces similar expression profile, we compared the promoter structure similarities between co-expressed genes.(More)
This paper presents a new method for tracking feature points on the textureless surface of a moving object. We employ a local image basis as a descriptor of each point for dealing with intensity variances due to the relative motion of the object to the light source. In particular, we propose to adaptively update the basis for enhancing its capability as the(More)
Star-shaped compounds with three or four oligothiophene units linked by an organosilicon core were prepared and their hole-transport capabilities were studied. A top-contact type thin film transistor (TFT) with a vapour-deposited film of tris[(ethylterthiophenyl)dimethylsilyl]methylsilane (3T(3)Si(4)) showed field-effect mobility (μ(FET)) of 4.4 × 10(-5)(More)
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