Yosuke Fujii

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Global ocean forecast systems, developed under the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE), can be used to assess the impact of different components of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS). GODAE systems can be exploited to help identify observational gaps and to ultimately improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the GOOS for constraining(More)
Peter R. Oke, Gilles Larnicol, Yosuke Fujii, Gregory C. Smith, Daniel J. Lea, Stephanie Guinehut, Elisabeth Remy, Magdalena Alonso Balmaseda, Tatiana Rykova, Dorina Surcel-Colan, Matthew J. Martin, Alistair A. Sellar, Sandrine Mulet, Victor Turpin CSIRO Oceans and Atmospheres, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia CLS Space Oceanography Division, Ramonville(More)
we summarize activities to evaluate observing systems using MOVE/MRI.COM, the ocean data assimilation and prediction system developed in the Meteorological Research Institute. The result of a singular vector analysis indicates an effective area of observations for predicting the Kuroshio large meander formation. Impacts of the TAO/TRITON array and Argo(More)
Authors​: ​Stephen G. Penny (UMD, NOAA/NCEP), Santha Akella (NASA/GMAO), Mark Buehner (ECCC), Matthieu Chevallier (CNRM; WWRP/PPP), Francois Counillon (NERSC), Clara Draper (NASA/GMAO), Sergey Frolov (NRL), Yosuke Fujii (JMA/MRI), Alicia Karspeck (NCAR), Arun Kumar (NOAA/NCEP), Patrick Laloyaux (ECMWF), Jean-Francois Mahfouf (Meteo-France), Matthew Martin(More)
We analyze the electronic structure of lithium ionic conductors, Li3PO4 and Li3PS4, using the electronic stress tensor density and kinetic energy density with special focus on the ionic bonds among them. We find that, as long as we examine the pattern of the eigenvalues of the electronic stress tensor density, we cannot distinguish between the ionic bonds(More)
A surface acoustic wave (SAW) linear motor is a kind of ultrasonic motor, which has many merits such as thin structure, easy installation and so on. The motor, however, has a problem with wear of contact surface due to its driving principle. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) film has been recognized as a wear resistance material. In our research, segment-structured(More)
Technical issues are investigated for a precise frequency transfer system using two-way signals by wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in a single fiber. Bi-directional optical amplifiers are necessary to make the distance longer. Frequency stability is shown in the tandem optical amplifier link where the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noises are(More)
In this paper we compare the simulated Arctic Ocean in 15 global ocean–sea ice models in the framework of the Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments, phase II (CORE-II). Most of these models are the ocean and sea-ice components of the coupled climate models used in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) experiments. We mainly focus(More)
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