Yossef Masharawi

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Longer life expectancy is resulting in increasing numbers of elderly adults with intellectual disability (ID). There has been the question whether persons with ID demonstrate early signs of aging before the general population. The aim of this study was to determine if persons with ID (with and without Down syndrome) showed premature aging changes compared(More)
BACKGROUND In the context of osteoporosis, important determinants of the fracture risk are the apparent strength and stiffness of cancellous bone, as well as its brittleness and energy absorption capacity. Standard medical imaging, however, cannot measure these mechanical properties directly. Consequently, an estimation of the risk for fracture is made by(More)
Alterations of vertebral endplates have long been a subject of interest, but are of unclear clinical significance. The vertebral columns of a cohort-based sample of 850 individuals were therefore evaluated for vertebral endplate defects, noting adjacent vertebral size and shape variation, bone density and associated pathologies. Defects were found in the(More)
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