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In this paper the replacement of a lost learning function of rats through a computer-based real-time recording and feedback system is shown. In an experiment two recording electrodes and one stimulation electrode were implanted in an anesthetized rat. During a classical-conditioning paradigm, which includes tone and airpuff stimulation, biosignals were(More)
In cardiac tissue engineering approaches to treat myocardial infarction, cardiac cells are seeded within three-dimensional porous scaffolds to create functional cardiac patches. However, current cardiac patches do not allow for online monitoring and reporting of engineered-tissue performance, and do not interfere to deliver signals for patch activation or(More)
591 a short-term test turning on from 1750 V. (During normal operation, the turn-on voltage would not exceed 1100 or 1200 V and would usually be about 300 V.) This test was of 1-min duration with the junction temperature at 105°C. Table I11 shows a more complete picture of the latest dildt tests and show, for example, that device type 4 is more robust than(More)
Smart hydrogels for biomedical applications are highly researched materials. However, integrating them into a device for implantation is difficult. This paper investigates an integrated delivery device designed to deliver an electro-responsive hydrogel to a target location inside a blood vessel with the purpose of creating an occlusion. The paper describes(More)
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