Yosi Ben-Asher

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It is well known that the optimal solution for searching in a finite total order set is the binary search. In binary search we divide the set into two “halves”, by querying the middle element, and continue the search on the suitable half. What is the equivalent of binary search, when the set P is partially ordered? A query in this case is to a point x E P,(More)
A b s t r a c t . Perhaps the most basic question concerning a model for parallel computation is the self simulation problem: given an algorithm which is designed for a large machine, can it be executed e$ciently on a smaller one? In this work we give several positive answers to the serf simulation problem on dynamically reconfigurable meshes. We show that(More)
Usually, in high level hardware synthesis, all functional units of the same type have a fixed known ldquolengthrdquo (number of stages) and the scheduler mainly determines when each unit is activated. We focus on scheduling techniques for the high-level synthesis of pipelined functional units where the number of stages of these operations is a free(More)
This paper concerns the computational aspects of the reconngurable network model. The computational power of the model is investigated under several network topologies and assuming several variants of the model. In particular, it is shown that there are reconngurable machines based on simple network topologies, that are capable of solving large classes of(More)
Exponential growth of digital data has introduced massively-parallel systems, special orchestration layers, and new scale-out applications. While recent works suggest characteristics of scale-out workloads are different from those of traditional ones, their root causes are not understood. Such understanding is extremely important to improve efficiency; even(More)
In high-level synthesis, pipelined designs are often restricted by the number of memory banks available to the synthesis system. Using multiple memory banks can improve the performance of accelerated applications. Currently, programmers must manually assign data structures to specific memory banks on the accelerator. This paper describes Automatic Memory(More)